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Author: Anthony Jemerson

“Every story I create, creates me. I write to create myself”.

Being a graduate of Sydney University of Technology, Anthony has a perfect knowledge in this sphere. The main reason he started writing about new devices and life hacks to them is his desire to introduce as many people as possible to the world of technologies.

Many people feel passion for a writing, but not all of them can express their ideas correctly. Anthony is one of those talented authors, which can provide readers with fresh and interesting reviews on different IT topics. The main object of his articles and reviews – is Mac industry. He can share useful information about any product, giving the progressive review.

A comprehensive review of Mac products can help many users to make right decisions, if they decide to buy, for example a Macbook. The important part of his articles is to open the whole Mac World for users, which sometimes can be considered as very difficult area.

Jemerson became an expert of the Mac industry, and many famous blogs and sites are eager to work with him. His modern thoughts are always presented online. He is very open to his readers and always communicate with people, in order to share advice. His writing style has one important goal – to gain a thorough insight into main problems of the Mac Industry.

, by Anthony Jemerson

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