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Author: Gregory Wang

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”.

His main tool is a keyboard. Gregory can sit in front of his Macbook for hours, just writing creative ideas or reviews. Gregory’s obsession of a modern world of technology is huge and his main job is to show to many people around the world how interesting it can be for any of us.

Gregory graduated from San Diego State University. His major is English and English literature but he always was keen on technologies. So, taking the best of the both worlds, he started to write about any novelties in digital world.

The expert in the Mac Industry, Gregory can create a quality content for his readers. He’s written for many famous sites, where he already became a “super-star” of a blogging. He is capable enough to give you useful advices about Macs, and make an amazing and resourceful review on the latest products.

His career started slowly in 2007, when he wrote only for few blogs. Moreover, ten years ago people didn’t know how to use internet in terms of finding some useful tips. That also was a main factor for Wang to make this blogging industry more interesting and attractive for different people. His dream was to create a perfect environment for users, where the idea of sharing thoughts and knowledge would be borderless.

, by Gregory Wang

MacOS High Sierra Installation Guide

Recently Apple has released macOS High Sierra. This operating system offers several new features to the Apple users. Here are the most valuable among them: Apple File System, refreshed Photos app, and improved video playback. Apple clients can get all…

, by Gregory Wang

MacBook Pro Features, Specifications

In the recent timeline, Apple’s most upscale laptop has undergone additional modifications and was presented in the new light at the conference in June 2017. The latest modified models were dropped at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, and their design remained…

, by Gregory Wang

MacBook Features & Specifications

The MacBook is a handy and lightweight laptop that provides high-speed connectivity along with superb performance. It might not be a powerhouse for editing 4k videos because that can be a bit of a headache, but it won’t disappoint you…

, by Gregory Wang

New iCloud Security Requirements

Quite a long time people used iCloud to use email or calendar, and work with applications not directly connected to Apple. Most of them did not even protect their accounts to get two-factor authentication (2FA). Now the situation is aggravated,…

, by Gregory Wang

Best Mac Games

A lot of people have already taken the advantage of the iPhone and IPad free games but similar offers on the Mac OS are not so common among the users. Mac Apple Store has plenty of interesting games which you…

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