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Author: Keira Malerson

“My motto in life is “If you think it, you can do it” and if we all apply that thought we can move mountains”.

She started to work in IT-industry after graduating University of South Florida. At that time most of her friends did not even understand what and why this for. Keira was also one of those guys, who was afraid of modern progress. Moreover, she has a big interest in Mac industry. Her content recently has changed to provide useful information about Macs for all users around the world.

The progressive look on many Mac’s issues made a big impact on her readers. Her articles are based on the modern analysis and many people find it very helpful. Keira Malerson did not focus his writing only on articles, but started to make progressive reviews of the latest Mac products.

The main aim of her content is to deliver a message to all inexperienced users, meaning that getting knowledge in this area is not so hard and there are few steps to achieve it. In addition, Keira is very open and easily communicates with readers, in order to give some useful advice. If you go through her articles, you may find her writing style very simple and it helps to understand the whole idea of modern technological world.

, by Keira Malerson

How to Clean Disk Space on Mac

If you already have or just purchased a new MacBook, sooner or later, you’ll face a need to free up disk space. Why does it happen? The reason is simple: MacBook goes on sale with a solid-state drive with only…

, by Keira Malerson

Apple Watch Series 3

Most recently, Apple’s smartwatch got an improved model called the Apple Watch Series 3. The design of this model is not too different from the predecessor, and that may not meet the expectations of many fans. But, what’s inside of…

, by Keira Malerson

What’s New About 2017 Apple MacBook Air

Apple was always aiming to increase the quality and production level of its products without any loss of comfort and usability. The processor speed remains unchanged but new MacBook Air became more light-weighted, compact and you can get it for…

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