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Author: Parker Slovinsky

How many users are asking for help, when they want to discover the world of modern technologies? Millions. That is why many experienced people, like Parker Slovinsky, chose to become writers in this interesting field. The main reason to make this step is to share knowledge with people.

Parker started to work as a Scrum Master after graduating South Seattle College (Computer Science) by profession. Now, he writes about Apple newest devices and updates, where he gives many useful and helpful tips for newbies, in order to help them make first steps into this long path. Parker adores researching cutting-edge trends and sharing his discoveries in the articles on many famous resources.

It is always interesting to get some knowledge from an expert or his vision on the latest products. Parker makes his articles very resourceful and useful for inexperienced people, who have recently joined the so-called Apple’s club. His main task to transform a long, boring information into few interesting sentences. That is why many readers follow his reviews. There is a huge package of life experience behind his content, which is very useful for any user.

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