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Author: Shirley Crossman

Shirley Crossman is a real Apple geek who is always searching for new information. Shirley graduated from Boston University in 2013 with a degree in Computer Science. She spent her entire professional life studying and observing novelties in the world of technology. The fact that she is a woman does not stop her from being a successful writer and blogger in such manly industry.

The modern devices are the main target of her articles, where she tries to help inexperienced users break through the barrier of fear. Nowadays, many people around the world are subscribed to her page to get the latest reviews.

Shirley writes various reviews and articles about Apple products and follows all the updates to keep her readers in trend. This became one of the main topics of her daily reviews. Mainly, she wants to introduce the latest updates from Apple to all her readers. Since it can be hard for common users to understand the recent updates, her content can be very helpful to learn about basics, at least.

Shirley has a simple style of writing that is why any user can easily learn the latest information about Apple products by reading her articles.

, by Shirley Crossman

What is Apple ARKit?

ARKit is a tool for developers. In any case, it is not actually a thing that iPhone users have to be pretty worried about. Nevertheless, a look at what exactly it contains will probably tell us almost everything about how…

, by Shirley Crossman

How to Keep Assistant Overwriting

Migration Assistant is an application, which has the user-friendly interface, designed to set up new Mac system and transfer all required data from the old one. By using mentioned application, you may face the issue with “overwriting”, when new files…

, by Shirley Crossman

Face ID: Description and Usage

Modern realities make us think about the sensitive data protection more often. Strong passwords, data encryption, and awareness of the hacker attacks are the inseparable part of business units and individuals. In this respect, Apple has made a real breakthrough…